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6 Step Process- Conveyancing

6 Step Process- Conveyancing

Take the hassle out of Buying or Selling a house and engage with someone from our team who have collective experience of 25 years in Property Law.

Our team will break down the Conveyancing Process in 6 easy Steps.

  1. Find a house that you love and put an offer in.

Once that offer has been accepted, we will assist in preparing the Contract and Conditions relevant to that purchase.

  1. Get your Building and Pest Report Done

Anyone buying a pre-existing House should always get a Building and Pest Report by a qualified inspector to ensure there will be no hidden surprises. Once we receive a copy of the report, it will then be our job to engage in negotiations with the Sellers Lawyers to ensure the house is repaired as recommended by the Inspector or a possible price reduction!

  1. Apply for Finance

You should have an idea of your borrowing capacity prior to signing any Contract for a Purchase. As soon as you receive a copy of the executed Contract, you will need to make an application for Finance to ensure you meet the Finance deadline. If you need any assistance with the finance application, we have a Network of extremely capable mortgage brokers that we work with every day.

  1. Property Searches

While we wait for the Bank to process your finance application, now is the time for us to do the searches on the property to ensure your purchase is safe. Our recommended list of searches will be dependent on the house and the location.

  1. Finance Approved

One you have received the unconditional approval letter from your Bank, its time to go unconditional and secure your new home. Our job now is to work with the bank and prepare our Legal Documents to assist with the bank’s verification process. Once the bank has completed this, they will let us know it is ready for Settlement.

  1. Settlement Day

Today is moving day ! Our job today is to ensure the smooth transaction of ownership from the Sellers name to your name. We will handle the processing of money to be transferred and documents to be handed over for Title Ownership. Your job will be to sit back and wait for our phone call to let you know you are now the owner of your new Home !