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Project Description

Do not waste any more time wondering how to get started or what to do next. Our staff have the knowledge and experience to offer sensible advice and provide the assistance you require.  This Firm is interested in clients for the long term.  Our diligence in migration matters will demonstrate our commitment to ensuring we can be reliable advisers through the process of migration strategy till you secure employment or establish your business.  We will assist through to Australian Citizenship.

Our knowledge and experience covers all immigration areas including:

  • Helping people obtain either temporary or permanent residency
  • Assistance with extension of visas
  • Helping people bring their family members to Australia
  • Sponsoring overseas employees to work in Australia
  • Assistance to find suitable businesses and investments to fit in with Migration criteria
  • Providing assistance for people to appeal refused visas
  • Helping with immigration legislation, such as assisting people in identifying reasons as to why their application should not be refused/residence cancelled

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