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Property Development

Project Description

As a property developer, you require cost-effective, practical legal services and solutions to the legal issues associated with property development.Whether your property development is a small residential land subdivision or a large-scale commercial/industrial development, we have the expertise to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls involved. With the early detection of any potential issues, you can utilise our knowledge to save yourself time and money.  Many issues in property development are consistent and we can help to pre-plan for these contingencies.

Some of the recent property development projects we have done include:

  • Identified Residential Land development opportunities
  • Liased with Town Planners, Surveyors, Project Managers, Financiers, Accountants etc
  • Reviewed detailed feasibility statements in respect of development opportunities
  • Sourced and secured appropriate finance
  • Obtained suitable investor participants as equity owners
  • Carried out projects and been involved in weekly project management meetings
  • Advised exit strategies for investors and all parties
  • Facilitated the wholesale sale and purchase of developed lots through Put and Call Options
  • Facilitated further development ie House and Land Packages